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Richard Uzelac’s take on the Real Estate Market


Table of Contents

Getting back from the NAR Convention, leaving some time behind, my perspective is the market will take years to recover to the position we were in before the bubble burst. This is both good and bad. Bad for those that own and wanted to cash out, good for those wanting to buy into the market.

Bottom line, people will always want to move and will always buy homes. The key for agents is to adjust and go with what is happening TODAY and not what was happening during the boom.

Richard Uzelac’s Top Five Real Estate Tips:

1. Learn all you can about foreclosures and short sales.

2. Educate your sellers on the market and the benefits of moving even though the market is down.

3. Get your Buyers prepared to buy financially before you spin a wheel.

4. Make every effort to learn about banks and their short sale procedures and timing.

5. Stay positive and stay busy, many of our Clients are having the best sales of their careers right now, they adapted. You need to adapt too.


Richard Uzelac

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