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Warren Buffet says, “Japan will come back strong. Don’t be afraid.”


Table of Contents

Richard Uzelac agrees with the Oracle of Omaha
Warren Buffett
The Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet, while in South Korea checking on recent acquisitions, put his support behind a strong Japan after the Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear fallout triple play against them. He stated that Japan will recover quickly from these disasters and emerge a stronger country with a stronger financial future. Richard Uzelac, the Oracle of La Baya, concurs. The Japanese have always been nothing if not resilient and industrious. The Japanese pride themselves in their ability to see a problem, set goals and systematically reach those goals. In a sad way, this disaster on some levels may be what the Japanese needed to wake up and move forward. In the past ten years their market shares and innovation have fallen off across the board. Sure, part of that was the general global economy, but I believe there were issues inside of Japan that contributed to their fall. Now they have a cause to rise up to. I see the Japanese government and the people of Japan doing just that. Buy Japan, it will pay. Richard Uzelac

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