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Richard Uzelac’s take on “Occupy” the USA


Table of Contents

Every revolution is ridiculed by the powers that be. I’m sure the Buiderbergs et al are barely taking note of the outrage expressed by the knowledgeable (as opposed to the clueless) that are at these protests nationwide. The protesters are probably lumped into a pile with everyone that has a conspiracy theory and dumped into the same looney basket. If I was in power in this world, I’d be concerned. My take is if there is smoke, then there is fire. I’m a Capitalist, an Individualist, an appreciator of Ayn Rand and those like her. I believe the greatest accomplishments in the world are started by one individual that sees a truth and makes it a reality. I believe Big Business is good and Corporations are good.  These entities create the jobs that support the world. The problem is with the Governments of the World. The Governments believe they are in power to make decisions about the people of the world and to invoke their own moralities and rules upon the People.  Our government was specifically fashioned to be a Government of the People and for the People. It was created to represent the best interest of the people that put it into power, not the other way around. This is what government should do: Protect the borders and sovereignty of the country. Protect the Individual rights of the People. And due to the needs of such a large and infrastructure-dense society: Tax the People to support those  services. Who gets taxed? : Everyone and Every Entity. Every person and every corporation based on gross profits after hard costs. For People: 20% each For Corporations: 20% each No Loop-Holes (GM made record profits yet pays almost no Tax, same with GE, hmmm, maybe I should start a ‘G’ company????   Richard Uzelac

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