I’m sure most of you are aware that whenever you are viewing social media, watching the news on television or even talking to family or friends, you are most likely to hear these things like Barbecues, Whataburger, cowboys, rodeo, countryside, or maybe “plain and boring” Texas. But Texas is more than this and there is […]

Building vs. Buying Your Next Home by Richard Uzelac

new house by richard uzelac

Undoubtedly, as home prices increase, many would-be purchasers are considering alternatives, like building their own home from scratch rather than buying. But would constructing your own house really make sense right now? Let me allow you to share some insights and get a better perspective little by little and get a better decision on whether […]

Beautiful Places to Live in Utah by Richard Uzelac

… Retiring and Looking to Move to Utah? We definitely have our lists of the top states where it’s best to live, but I should be guessing right if Utah is one of your lists. I was able to pay a visit once last year here. And out of all the states that I have […]

Top 5 Places to Live in Florida for Retirees

dolphins in florida

If you’re just another gal who loves unusual creatures like me, you might like Florida. In southwest Florida, you can literally be like in Zoo. You’ll see coatis, a Raccoon-sized mammal around trees, Alligators (but not in the Zoo!), Loggerhead Turtles, Bobcats, gopher tortoises, black bears, and so many more. Isn’t that cool? Some people […]

Should I Buy California Real Estate in 2023 by Richard Uzelac

What is HPI? The Federal Housing Finance Agency publishes the House Price index, which is defined as the measure of the movement of single-family prices in the whole nation, United States. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac provide monthly and quarterly data for the Federal Housing Finance Agency’s House Price Index (HPI). Fannie is a term […]

Home Buying Guidelines by Richard Uzelac

home buying tips

It’s a great milestone when you decide to buy a house. It’s better to take caution first before deciding to purchase a house. It’s not easy to sell as it’s not easy to buy. What would you do if you had decided on a new home or become a first-time homeowner? Here are a few […]

Southern California Real Estate Market as of November 2022 by Richard Uzelac

Southern California Real Estate Market as of November 2022 by Richard Uzelac

How is SoCal Real Estate Market Doing as of November 2022 by Richard Uzelac Orange County, LA, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura Counties – all prices in the market are coming low yet, inventory is still not coming in huge and pending sales, under contract, or sold are still low? Well, it’s not […]

Richard Uzelac’s Real Estate Forecasts 2nd Half of 2022 and 1st Half of 2023

Richard Uzelac’s Real Estate Sales costs predictions We have runaway inflation, historically high gas prices, and a Bear stock market. So, prices will go down, right? Wrong. Real Estate in high demand, low inventory markets, specifically the wealthier metro/suburban areas, will continue to increase in price by 5 to 8% over the next running year. […]

The 5 Cheapest Single Family Homes in Newport Beach!

Richard Uzelac Presents the ‘Cheapos’ of Posh Newport Beach “After living in Southern California, many places have lost their luster, but not Newport Beach. To find actual single family homes under (almost) $1 Million seemed like a slight shock to me!” said Richard Uzelac, CEO of RealtyTech. I decided to search on our demo site […]

Richard Uzelac’s Top 5 Private Islands for Sale In the USA: Under $500k

Richard Uzelac’s Top 5 Private Islands for Sale In the USA: Under 0k

Who hasn’t dreamed of owning your own private island? Haven’t you ever wanted to own your own private island? Granted it isn’t a private country, but it would feel like it, wouldn’t it? You dock your boat and step onto; Richard Landia! Or Uzelacia? Richingham? Or best, The Kingdom of Me. I like that one. […]