Being a Real Estate Agent by Richard Uzelac


The Reality of Being a Real Estate Agent: Expectations vs Reality Every industry that one delves into should involve a desire or passion. However, it is crucial to be careful about what you are entering and to consider the realities and expectations of the industry you are delving into. This is why, especially in the […]

Real Estate Websites and IDX, Why Realtors Need Them, By Richard Uzelac

Real Estate Websites and IDX, Why Realtors Need Them, By Richard Uzelac

Hi Everyone, Richard Uzelac here. Hope all are enjoying a very good real estate market in May 2019! I was talking with a couple of real estate agent clients the other day at Coffee Bean, and websites and IDX came up. As “Richard Uzelac, Mr. Real Estate Agent Websites and IDX,” I had to weigh […]

2014 is the Big Comeback for Real Estate Technology

Richard Uzelac’s 2019 Top Ten Real Estate Lead Generation Techniques in a Buyer’s Market

Having been involved in Real Estate for 30 years and Real Estate Technology for 12 years affords me a bit of perspective. The key thing I’m seeing is the influx of  technologically  advanced agents. More and more of the new agents and older agents that have received online training are beginning to dominate the online […]

Richard Uzelac Admires Ayn Rand

Richard Uzelac Admires Ayn Rand

Richard Uzelac serves as CEO of Internet marketing firm RealtyTech, Inc., where he develops products and builds strategies. He also founded a second Internet marketing company called GOiMarketing, Inc., in 2004, which offers myriad online services to professionals in a variety of areas. Although he stays busy with his professional life, Richard Uzelac always makes […]

Ken Follett

By: Richard Uzelac My favorite authors include those who have distinguished themselves in several fields, such as Benjamin Franklin, Mark Twain, and Winston Churchill. As writers of significant range and skill, these Renaissance men moved from one topic or style to another with ease. Today, few authors demonstrate this kind of chameleonic ability as well […]

Richard Uzelac Lists the Basics for Realtors

Hi All, I’m late for a meeting but wanted to drop a line on the five necessities for an agent in 2011. 1. A Website 2. An IDX 3. A Mobile IDX 4. A Good Work Ethic 5. Hunger So, I’ve mentioned five things you need, number five is actually the most important, along with […]

Richard Uzelac on the Real Estate Market

Sometimes the scary thing is realizing you are one of the ‘old guys’, a veteran of Real Estate.  I remember when Richard Uzelac was a bright eyed college graduate with a degree in broadcast journalism and no job directly out of Penn State. When Richard Uzelac, former division one college wrestler, accomplished college grad and […]