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    • Search demand for online real estate listings is at its peak April through August every year.
    • Research your target audience’s summer behavior and participate in summertime events to increase brand exposure.
    • Increase the pace of your summertime lead generation with more open houses.
    • Although cost per lead increases during the summer due to higher demand, it’s important to sustain digital lead generation tactics all year round to establish a consistent domain authority and ranking.

First-Rate Lead Generation For Savvy Real Estate Professionals Like You

With spring and summer being the hottest seasons for the real estate market at large, RealtyTech, Inc. is here to ensure that new and established real estate professionals make the most of the heat and influx of buyers and sellers. Committed to innovation, our team of web developers and designers provide quality digital assets, IDX solutions, and more to optimize lead capture and increase profits for real estate agents. We care about your success online and offline. Read on to learn more about how to make the most of your summer real estate marketing strategy for higher returns all year round.

The Essentials For Your Summer Marketing + Lead Generation Strategies

Whether you’re new to the world of real estate or well-seasoned, you already know that the demand for real estate rises in the spring and lasts throughout the summer months. Keep in mind that online searches for local listings increase in volume every New Year, but these numbers peak April through August.
Time Search Demand # Of Advertisers Lead Cost
Jan – Mar Increases Medium – – –
Apr – Jun Increases Large Rises
Jul – Sep Increases Large Rises
Oct – Dec Decreases Small Rises
We urge real estate agents at any stage in their career within any local market to take advantage of the season by following these tips that ensure increased summer leads and lower cost per lead.

Set Your Marketing Goals + Initiatives:

Keep in mind that the summer season falls within the third business quarter of the year–from July 1st to September 30th. This encompasses the peak of summer, and you ought to be clear with your goals from the get-go. Ask yourself how you can be more aggressive with your lead generation tactics throughout the busier season, as opposed to the slower months in the 1st and 2nd quarters of the business cycle. To establish focus for your summer real estate marketing strategy be sure to pinpoint the following:
  • Summer vacations and how they affect productivity and your local market
  • Summer behavior among buyers and sellers in your target markets–i.e. Are parents relocating before the new school year?
  • Determine key dates and benchmarks such as Labor Day and local summer festivals or events in your area that you could sponsor!
  Seasonal Real Estate Lead Generation: Your Guide To Summer 2019: Reprinted from RealtyTech.com, our business site.

Outline A Detailed Marketing Budget:

Set aside money for a rainy day, or in this case, the sunniest season of the year. Get prepared for the hot summer market by allocating extra money for the busy season and outlining a clear budget to stick to. Even digital tactics that are “free” such as social media marketing and SEO all incur hidden costs–whether in actual dollar amounts or time-intensive labor. Be sure to also factor the following into your summer real estate marketing budget to get the most bang for your buck:
  • Recruiting a summer intern or college student to write blog content that increases your web traffic
  • Including paid search and social media ads within your strategy
  • Sponsoring summer events, festivals, or parades–this creates visibility within your direct target market(s) via booths, raffles, logo signage, etc.
  • Taking new and improved professional photos of your current listings to attract more clicks and potential buyers

Get Specific About Your Target Audience:

Don’t let generic marketing and lead generation tactics be your pitfall this summer. Consider the main demographic(s) of your real estate clients and how you can truly help them this summer. For outdoorsy buyers and sellers, offer more information about local trails and parks in your regional area on your website or blog. If you tend to work with a lot of families, consider becoming the go-to source for information on family-friendly summer events and summer camps. Whatever you do, answer specific questions pertaining to specific segments of your target audience(s).

Maintain A Solid Social Media Presence:

Along with search engines, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become major hubs for researching local listings. Make it easy for potential buyers and sellers to find your business information online by promoting your website, blog posts, and available listings. Interacting with your target audience(s) on social media via posts and comments gives you the opportunity to share information and gorgeous photos of your property in a convenient, digital space.

Show-Off Your Listings With More Open Houses:

Even in the Digital Age, it will be important for potential leads and clients to see your available homes in-person. That’s why we highly recommend taking advantage of the sunny weather and filling up your summer calendar with open house showings. Bringing in potential buyers to your open house(s) is not as difficult as it seems–and it’s a great way to establish new contacts! Here are some ways to increase attendance at your open houses:
  • Digital and traditional promotion techniques (i.e. flyers, emails, social media posts, etc.)
  • Setting multiple showing times to accommodate working schedules
  • Offer beverages, refreshments, business cards, brochures, etc. to leave a lasting impression with the attendees
  • Make flyers for the property available outside the house before and during the open house

Recommend Summer Staging Tips For Your Sellers:

To entice potential sellers, share some helpful tips that will give them a competitive edge while their home is on the market during the hotter, higher demand months of the year. Sharing content that answers your audience’s questions or solves their unique issues will position you as an expert and leave an impression on potential leads and clients, making them more likely to contact you in the future for real estate questions and services. For sellers, staging a home is of the utmost importance. Offer the following advice and segment it, so leads are added to your email list or CRM database:
  • Decorating the inside of the house with seasonal bouquets
  • Giving the exterior a fresh coat of paint
  • Cleaning deck and patio areas
  • Upgrading window treatments
  • Paying attention to yardwork and plant growth throughout the property
  • Cultivating a unique curb appeal

Update Your Listing’s Photos For More Of A Summer Feel:

Keep in mind that summer is the season for having fun! Before the hotter months hit, consider updating all of the photos for your listings within your IDX server. Have fun with a bright color palette, bold prints, and fun, summertime props to make your listings more eye-catching as users scroll through them. Be sure to also include captivating captions with your new and improved sets of photos.

Digital Marketing + IDX Solutions Made Easy For Summer And Beyond

For over 15 years, RealtyTech, Inc. has specialized in building digital assets and marketing strategies for real estate professionals–all with the goal of increasing overall leads and returns in ever-changing and competitive markets. From IDX solutions to custom websites and PPC advertising, RealtyTech, Inc. is a one-stop shop for a real estate agent’s digital marketing needs. Though we recommend upping the ante on real estate lead generation strategies during the summer, it’s important to remain consistent with paid digital advertising, SEO, and keyword ranking all year round for overall domain authority. For more information on how RealtyTech, Inc. can help build up your success within the real estate industry, contact our team of professionals today at (805)-413-7888.