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Richard Uzelac on the Real Estate Market

Richard Uzelac real estate insights blog
Richard Uzelac gives advice on the real estate and mortgage markets

Sometimes the scary thing is realizing you are one of the ‘old guys’, a veteran of Real Estate.  I remember when Richard Uzelac was a bright eyed college graduate with a degree in broadcast journalism and no job directly out of Penn State.

When Richard Uzelac, former division one college wrestler, accomplished college grad and all around guy with potential started off working three jobs just make enough to pay for my gas and car, living back at casa Uzelac in Mystic Islands New Jersey.

Richard Uzelac, the guy with all the potential worked at a  Cumberland Farms convenience store in the evenings and weekends, an industrial film company as a gopher whenever they called him in, a political reporter at the Ocean County Times (I think that’s what it was called.) and I still barely had enough money to go out with friends on a Saturday night.

I decided to have a conversation with myself:

Richard Uzelac: Richard Uzelac, you need to make some money! The 1972 Toyota Celica burns more oil than gas these days and it has no heat.

Me: Richard Uzelac, you are right! But what can I do? At Penn State I was told Liberal Arts Degrees were as common as toilet paper and about as valuable.

Richard Uzelac: Don’t panic dude, look at that!

Me: What?

Richard Uzelac: Look, across the street, people with nice cars, people my age driving nice cars and wearing nice cloths walking into that real estate office.

Me: Hmmmmm

Richard Uzelac: Richard Uzelac needs some of that action!

Me: Ahhh, ok, let’s do this!

(Two weeks later….)

Richard Uzelac: Success, I just passed the real estate course at Century 21, took my test, which I’m sure I passed and was ‘hired’ by Century 21, Parade of Homes! Woo Hoo! and I even look great in a gold coat!

Me: Nice.

Richard Uzelac: And the interest rates in 1981 are only 17% and owner will carry money for only 12%, I’ll make millions!

(to be continued)

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